The Drummer.

Leon Worst slides in behind the precocious instrument as the formal Drummer in the Bob Ffole Band.

At the juvenile age of only 4 Leon Worst showed strong music abilities which was recognised by his mother. Leon quickly found himself in front of the piano and at the age of 9 kick-started his mania as he picked up the drumsticks for the first time.

In his drumming career he has played for over seven South African Bands. He is no newcomer when it comes to producing or song writing abilities which makes the perfect co-writer.

He was fortunate enough to come of age in the same company as Bob Ffole. This mature relationships brings fourth trust and respect that fuels the success of the band.

His most certainly the biggest fan of the music genre Metal and Old School Rock and Roll. His personality bring forth no fear to explore new musical grounds as the entertainer grows with the Bob Ffole Brand.